Pro Bono Work

L.E.K. supports a variety of not-for-profit organizations with free consultancy services. L.E.K. case teams recently completed the following pro bono cases:

  • Developed a strategy for Save the Children to increase its funding base and overall impact by increasing its capabilities in specific aid areas.
  • Identified opportunities for the American Red Cross to increase its blood donor base.
  • Identified investment opportunities for the Carbon Trust in the European bio-fuels industry.
  • Provided advice on zoo management and best practices in China.
  • Facilitated an interactive strategic planning session with a non-profit organization to build a hospital in East Timor and reduce high infant and maternity mortality rates.
  • Supported the Red Cross in developing its response to the Asian tsunami. Led by L.E.K.’s Sydney office, a framework was developed to evaluate where funds could have the greatest impact.