Strategy Insights

Volume XIX, Issue 69 | By Bill Frack, Andrew Garibaldi , Andrew Kadar

Through over-reimbursement and under-reimbursement, Medicare Advantage — the first real “retail” health insurance market of scale — has consistently penetrated the Medicare marketplace over the past 20 years. This Executive Insights looks at factors behind the continued growth Medicare Advantage enrollment.

Volume XIX, Issue 67 | By Peter Ward, Diogo Silva , Rob Wild

Challenger banks and specialist lenders are cautious as big banks return to lending areas they had previously left at the onset of the financial crisis. However, as L.E.K. explains in this Executive Insights, there are still many sustainable opportunities available for them, provided they take some crucial steps to ensure their ongoing success.

Volume XIX, Issue 65 | By Aubry Pierre, Simon Horan, Tim McGrath

Many companies find turning strategy into action very challenging, not because of a weakness in the strategy itself, but because the organization is not aligned to, or focused on, its success. In this Executive Insights L.E.K. identifies six critical steps organizations need to take to transform strategy into action and delivery.

Volume XIX, Issue 64 | By Aubry Pierre, Remy Ossmann

In this Executive Insights Partners Aubry Pierre and Remy Ossmann set out their Five Pillars framework, an integrated and holistic model developed to help companies transform their pricing strategy and delivery processes, enabling them to become more profit-focused in their approach.

Volume XIX, Issue 62 | By Peter Walter , Mark Herther

The agribusiness industry is undergoing a period of considerable change across numerous fronts. In this Executive Insights, we examine nine key trends that are driving transformation within the industry.

Volume XIX, Issue 61 | By Maria Steingoltz, Alex Evans

The cluttered field of health and beauty products has a new kid on the block: personalized beauty. This emerging area offers an alternative to “one size fits all” offerings. Players in this space use information gathered on a person’s genetic composition and lifestyle choices to design products that best meet the customer’s specific needs.

Volume XIX, Issue 60 | By Eric Navales , Rory Murphy

U.S. industrials have been facing a number of challenges over the past year and a half, resulting in slow end-market growth. They are also grappling with evolving value chain dynamics, a continuing stream of new technologies, and uncertainty about some of the regulatory and policy moves of the new administration. Where should U.S. companies be focusing their efforts?

Volume XIX, Issue 59 | By Dan McKone, Alan Lewis , Nick Smith-George

Not long ago “traveling in style” simply meant first-class transportation, plush accommodations, and dining nightly at five-star restaurants. It was an aspiration that few could ever hope to achieve. But according to the L.E.K. 2017 Luxury Travel Study — a survey of nearly two thousand U.S. travelers — that has begun to change.

Volume XIX, Issue 58 | By Robert Haslehurst, Alan Lewis , John Moran

There’s no doubt that over the long term, autonomous vehicles (better known as self-driving cars), combined with electrification and shared mobility, will have a massive impact on society. This Executive Insights examines three key challenges to commercializing the first fully self-driving vehicle.

Volume XIX, Issue 57 | By Peter Ward, Diogo Silva

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. explores the substantial opportunities in open banking for banks of all types and size. There could be transformational wins for astute challenger banks, while for incumbent large banks there is huge potential for renewed relevance and customer-centricity.