Strategy Insights

Volume XIX, Issue 60 | By Eric Navales , Rory Murphy

U.S. industrials have been facing a number of challenges over the past year and a half, resulting in slow end-market growth. They are also grappling with evolving value chain dynamics, a continuing stream of new technologies, and uncertainty about some of the regulatory and policy moves of the new administration. Where should U.S. companies be focusing their efforts?

Volume XIX, Issue 59 | By Dan McKone, Alan Lewis , Nick Smith-George

Not long ago “traveling in style” simply meant first-class transportation, plush accommodations, and dining nightly at five-star restaurants. It was an aspiration that few could ever hope to achieve. But according to the L.E.K. 2017 Luxury Travel Study — a survey of nearly two thousand U.S. travelers — that has begun to change.

Volume XIX, Issue 58 | By Robert Haslehurst, Alan Lewis , John Moran

There’s no doubt that over the long term, autonomous vehicles (better known as self-driving cars), combined with electrification and shared mobility, will have a massive impact on society. This Executive Insights examines three key challenges to the commercializing the first fully self-driving vehicle.

Volume XIX, Issue 57 | By Peter Ward, Diogo Silva

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. explores the substantial opportunities in open banking for banks of all types and size. There could be transformational wins for astute challenger banks, while for incumbent large banks there is huge potential for renewed relevance and customer-centricity.

Volume XIX, Issue 56 | By Simon Horan, Tim McGrath , Natasha Santha

Australia is currently in the midst of an energy system crisis. Energy prices are growing for consumers and businesses at the same time market operators are contending with old infrastructure, demand fluctuations from extreme weather conditions and looming agreed emission targets. As governments and market operators think about the National Energy Market (NEM) and future policy, they must consider how their settings affect market development – both intended and unintended.

Volume XIX, Issue 55 | By Peter Smith

Almost every CEO on the planet would list growth as one of the highest priorities on his or her agenda. The reasons are not hard to find. However, not all growth is good growth and in some cases, the battle to expand can result in value destruction. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. Partner Peter Smith explores 10 simple steps that, taken together, offer a proven way to uncover good growth opportunities.

Volume XIX, Issue 54 | By Clare Chatfield, Jean-Christophe Coulot

Energy storage is high on executive agendas, but beyond all the hype what is the reality? In this Executive Insights, Clare Chatfield and Jean-Christophe Coulot set out five key considerations for use as a tool to create a successful business in the energy storage sector.

Healthcare Spotlight | By

The CDC estimates that nearly 80 people die of opioid overdose each day in the United States. Opioid overuse is a critical issue, and the need for interventions is becoming an urgent priority for many health systems. In this Executive Insights, we review how L.E.K. Consulting worked with Utah-based Intermountain Healthcare to develop a comprehensive pain management strategy.

Volume XIX, Issue 53 | By Harsha Madannavar, Todd Clark, Joseph Johnson

Most data-driven healthcare IT (HCIT) providers aren’t going to survive. Their business models are at serious risk of failure in the next three to five years. To beat those odds, they need to evolve dramatically, and fast, to a point where they are not selling data at all. This Executive Insights examines ways that data providers are making the move from data provider to data analytics services.

Volume XIX, Issue 52 | By Chris Randall, Jon Weber , Jen Zablotny

It’s no secret that traditional brands and retailers are under siege. Consumer behavior is changing rapidly. Low- and off-price players are moving in. Labor costs are on the rise, while consumers are moving their spend online — and away from tangible goods. This Executive Insights is about how brands and retailers can operate in the kind of environment we have today.