Strategy Practices

Business Unit Strategy Consulting

L.E.K. provides analysis and perspective on the delicate balance organizations must maintain between driving the overall corporate strategy and allowing individual divisions to proactively address their specific challenges and opportunities.

Corporate Strategy Consulting

L.E.K. helps companies develop and refine their corporate strategy by assessing their business units and other holdings, and the resources allocated to each. We conduct comprehensive analyses to determine how to bolster high performers, place underperforming companies on a new trajectory for success, and identify operations that are at odds with the overall company vision.

Edge Strategy Consulting

Edge Strategy® services provides a disciplined, methodical approach to help your company grow its bottom line and create shareholder value by identifying and capitalizing on growth opportunities at the intersection of what you currently see as core and non-core to your business.

Shareholder Value Management

L.E.K. Consulting's value creation methodology explicitly links management strategies to the wealth they generate for shareholders. L.E.K. has been a pioneer in developing the management tools that senior executives require to enhance value at all organizational levels and to ensure that management actions are consistent with long-term value creation.

Strategy Activation

Successful strategy requires an integrated set of choices and strong commitment to change across all levels of the organization. We help our clients make these strategic choices throughout the 'Strategy Cascade’. Our Strategy Activation work covers all or part of the cascade, depending on our clients' ingoing situation. In all cases, we work closely with our clients to co-create the solutions that fit their needs and fulfill their strategic ambitions.