Travel and Aviation Consulting

L.E.K. Consulting works with the world's leading airlines, airports, hotels, and hospitality and tourism companies to enhance their strategic positioning and drive improved business performance. Combining deep industry knowledge with consumer research and rigorous analysis, we provide clients with the insights required to make confident and fact-based decisions in the midst of market uncertainty.

Aviation & Travel Overview

L.E.K. has completed more than 500 air transportation and 200 airport and aviation authority engagements, and has helped five global carriers double their market capitalizations over the past five years. Our global practice focuses on airlines, airports, hotels, tourism and other adjacent travel services, and we coordinate seamlessly across regions and countries to help our clients solve their most pressing challenges and harness value-creating opportunities.

As an industry thought leader, we help our clients fundamentally transform the economics of their respective industries. Whether it's driving airline industry consolidation, introducing ancillary revenues (merchandising), extracting greater financial benefit from loyalty programs, dramatically increasing non-aeronautical revenues at airports, privatizing airports or transforming the customer experience at hotels, our work fundamentally changes industries for the better.

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