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L.E.K. has deep industry expertise helping leaders within the building products and heavy materials sectors to capitalize on trends and focus on high-potential growth initiatives.  Our extensive knowledge of builders, contractors and channels, and our unparalleled access enables us to develop credible and relevant market insights that lead to actionable results.  We develop winning strategies that help build and reinforce leadership positions for our clients.

Examples of Our Work

L.E.K. is committed to providing our clients with insightful, meaningful and actionable results.  We back our recommendations up with rigorous analysis and have a highly collaborative work style.  Read the stories below to learn how we've helped clients realize their objectives:

  • A Fortune 500 building materials manufacturer faced a daunting task selling its new premium offering in a price-driven, commoditized market.  L.E.K. identified the right customers and channel, and created financial models for the launch.  With L.E.K.’s help, the company is forecasting significant profits for the product.
  • L.E.K. assisted a leading, diversified building products manufacturer in understanding the drivers of profitable growth in each of its markets; how the client’s business units were positioned against these drivers; and what strategic options the company could pursue in current and adjacent markets.  The client executed on the strategy and experienced ~300% stock price appreciation in 18 months.
  • A leading global cement producer was evaluating opportunities for optimizing U.S. logistics given changes to demand levels.  L.E.K. identified the drivers of increasing costs and determined appropriate organizational changes, improving cost controls to lock in savings that were equal to 10% of the existing cost base.
  • When upstream assets began to experience market fundaments that resulted in increasing prices, it captured the attention of the client as a potential opportunity to enter a new market, realize attractive margins and diversify.  L.E.K. performed a detailed market assessment and identified broad growth opportunities, led by a robust forecast of specific end-market segments.  Based on L.E.K.’s research, the company pursued and completed the acquisition of a leading supplier with an advantaged reserves position. Read more.
  • L.E.K. performed a  six-month strategic review involving extensive collaboration among a global construction contractor’s team of senior business managers, supplemented by L.E.K.’s rigorous analysis and insights from customers, competitors and industry specialists. The review highlighted key areas where a concerted program of initiatives, together with aligned internal changes, could deliver significant improvements to the group’s business and profitability. This program focused principally on:
  • Prioritizing regions of the world for growth; end markets/verticals for growth; and end service segments (which types of construction services ) for growth
  • Increasing revenue and profit from large projects
  • Improving the group’s risk management
  • Accelerating internal transfer of technologies across the group’s global operations
  • Within 18 months, the group financial results had significantly improved, with an increase in revenue of 14%, operating profit more than doubling, and share price increasing by 400%.

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