Energy & Environment Practices

Environmental Consulting Environmental Consulting

L.E.K. has been involved in environmental and carbon management projects since the early 90s. Its expertise in the field is well known and many stakeholders (industrials, associations, government authorities and NGOs) turn to L.E.K. to develop their environmental strategies, identify growth opportunities or analyze the impact of new carbon emission regulations.

Oil & Gas Consulting Oil and Gas Consulting

L.E.K.’s oil & gas practice covers a wide range of issues in this dynamic industry.  We are an ideal partner for companies seeking to grow or invest successfully in the sector. We advise a spectrum of companies, including E&P companies, oilfield equipment OEMs, oilfield service firms, and private equity investors.

Power Consulting Power Consulting

Leading global power generation OEMs and services providers turn to L.E.K. for strategic reviews of their businesses, including “make or buy” strategy, business model and value proposition definition, competitor benchmarking, acquisition screening, and ‘go to market’ strategy. L.E.K. has worked with many global players across the entire power generation value chain, most of whom have become long-term partners.

Renewables Consulting Renewables Consulting

Renewable energy holds a promising future for those organizations able to capitalize on the opportunities it presents while managing the risks associated with a rapidly developing market.  L.E.K. helps clients across the spectrum of power generators, investors, resource owners, utilities and public sector bodies to develop and implement a clear and cohesive approach to the complex relationships between consumer demand, regulation, technology, funding and carbon fuel availability.

Transmission & Distribution Consulting Transmission and Distribution Consulting

L.E.K. has completed numerous projects for (T&D) equipment suppliers, utilities, public authorities, and investors across a range of service offerings, including global growth strategy, smart grid offering development, HVDC market strategy, transaction support, organizational strategy and operation improvement, among others.