Industrial Products Consulting


L.E.K. has developed a deep understanding of the commercial and operational dynamics of industrial companies.  Our expertise spans across the sector’s value chain, including sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, product development, sales and distribution.  We combine our industry knowledge with a rigorous analytical approach to provide senior executives with the strategic guidance they need to achieve genuine competitive advantage.

Client Issues

Our experienced professionals have a deep understanding of key issues faced by our clients, for example:

  • What markets should be my key growth drivers?  How should I enter them and how do I win?
  • Is Asia expansion the right move for my manufacturing strategy?
  • How do I analyze the threat and opportunities from low-cost countries and substitutes?  What is the best strategic response to these threats and opportunities?
  • What is the right pricing and product strategy to help reduce SKU complexity and increase profitability?
  • Which distribution business model is right for my organization (e.g., regional focus, product / industrial segment focus, service leadership, etc.)?

Examples of Our Work

L.E.K. is committed to providing our clients with insightful, meaningful and actionable results.  We back our recommendations up with rigorous analysis and have a highly collaborative work style.  Read the stories below to learn how we've helped clients realize their objectives:

  • L.E.K. identified and prioritized regions for geographic expansion, product line extension opportunities and acquisition targets.   We established a high-level business plans for implementing the recommended initiatives, and delivered a robust and unique fact base including numerous market, customer and competitive insights. The client’s business is now growing at double digits.
  • The client began implementing L.E.K.’s recommendations at the conclusion of the case and, as a result, realized two unprecedented achievements.  First, the aluminum cable division doubled in size within 12 months.  Second, the parent company achieved a significantly higher transaction value than expected upon the sale of the division to a competitor.
  • Global lead times were expedited, and the company achieved industry-leading inventory turns.  The manufacturing footprint rationalized from 10 sub-scale facilities to six of efficient scale.
  • L.E.K. helped the leading U.S. manufacturer of plastic horticultural containers to drive improved levels of profitability by optimizing its product portfolio and improving manufacturing operations.  L.E.K. identified specific actions that could allow the client to achieve over double the targeted profitability improvement.  Significant production capacity was freed up and excess inventory was released.

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