Media & Entertainment Practices

Digital Media Consulting Digital Media Consulting

L.E.K. has spearheaded successful business plans for many successful Internet and digital media companies. We advise clients on their marketing strategy (traditional, viral, social, and content), monetization approach, business strategy, distribution, funding tactics, partnerships, business plans, and many other areas.

Music and Radio Consulting Music and Radio Consulting

As an active advisor to the major music companies, we are current on the issues facing music companies today. We have advised two major music companies on digital music strategy and managing the decline of physical music. We also advise radio clients on transactions and acquisitions.

Sports Consulting Sports Consulting

L.E.K. advises major professional leagues and teams, rights owners and licensees, venue operators, and promoters around the world. We have completed many projects with both domestic and international sports businesses, including ticketing strategy, media rights strategy (valuation and packaging), sports network launch strategy, competition expansion strategy and sponsorship development strategy.

Telecommunications Consulting, Telecom Consulting Telecommunications Consulting

Our telecommunications engagements span a diverse range of corporate and business unit strategic issues including corporate strategy, tactical business planning, new business economics, improving shareholder value, mergers and acquisitions, licensing, joint ventures, operations, cost reductions, start-ups, and many other areas.  Our communications clients are global and include industry leaders in both the service and network infrastructure segments.

Television and Film Consulting Television and Film Consulting

L.E.K has helped many leading media companies develop winning TV and film strategies involving mergers and acquisitions (channels, stations, libraries, etc.), library IP exploitation, cable channel launches, new initiatives to develop very-low-cost video content, Internet TV start-ups, and alternative channel distribution. We understand how to effectively and efficiently create and validate TV and film opportunities that optimize performance and reduce cost.