Retail Case Studies

A leading wellness provider was attempting to validate management’s perception that its retail staffing levels were not optimized to service its customer volume. This misalignment was believed to result in increased labor costs during periods of overstaffing and decreased customer satisfaction during periods of understaffing.

A leading cruise-style ferry liner had experienced excellent revenue growth during the previous four years, however analysis found that the majority of growth came from increased passenger numbers - while spend per passenger on board remained flat. Concerned it was missing an opportunity to maximize revenue on board, L.E.K. was engaged to develop a new sales strategy with the aim of delivering improved performance in its on-board retail outlets, restaurant and bars over the next five years.

Breaking into a new market can present as many challenges as it does opportunities – particularly when that new market is in a new continent and your entry strategy means carving-out an existing business from a multi-national parent company. This was the situation faced by L.E.K’s client, a U.S.-based multinational snack company wanting to expand into the growing European market.

A leading French restaurant chain, which had already achieved substantial success with a network of more than 300 restaurants situated in virtually every large French city suburb, was eager to enter its next phase of growth. Recognising the need to diversify its approach, the client engaged L.E.K. Consulting to develop a new restaurant concept to target smaller French cities.

Our client, a leading office furniture manufacturer, was facing stagnating sales and profits. Sales were distributed across various channels including office furniture retail stores and dealers, online and in catalogs. L.E.K. Consulting was engaged to design creative solutions that would better enable its sales force and channel partners to sell its products.

A private equity (PE) firm requested a commercial due diligence to help with its investment decision regarding a major pet-related products company in Japan.

A leading manufacturer and distributor of athletic and fashion-inspired apparel and accessories was seeking greater profitability and operating efficiency. The manufacturer turned to L.E.K. Consulting to identify ways to reduce its working capital and improve inventory management efficiency.

A major retailer in the pet food supplies and services industry was focused on reaching new target consumers and optimizing store locations. To achieve these goals, the retailer was evaluating a smaller, convenient store format.

A national U.S. discount retailer was facing new competition from companies that were refocusing on budget-conscious consumers during the recession. L.E.K. Consulting was engaged to assist in developing a pricing strategy to maximize sales and margins.

A large vertical apparel retailer had an existing successful e-commerce business. The company had recently launched a new online-only concept that had leveraged the current site’s traffic to sell a broader range of brands and products.