Transmission and Distribution Consulting


We offer extensive expertise in the Transmission and Distribution (T&D) sector across geographies and market segments (HV and MV products, automation and control, power electronics and systems, smart grid and various services). Through the use of proven methodologies, L.E.K. is well-positioned to provide assistance to T&D and Smart Grid companies facing critical issues. L.E.K. helps clients grow and invest successfully in the sector, focusing on M&A support services, growth strategy development, post-merger integration, and market evaluation work.

Client Issues

Our clients turn to L.E.K.’s power T&D experts to answer their most complex business problems, such as:

  • What are the main dynamics of European and U.S. grids and the impact of bringing on-line large
    renewable capacity?
  • What are the key issues facing the grid operators – e.g. balancing wind power intermittency, needed equipment to reinforce transmission grid and evolutions of distribution grid?
  • Which T&D segments are the most attractive?

Examples of Our Work

To learn more about how we help our clients, please refer to these case examples:
  • The client is a leading T&D company. UHVAC (≥800KV) and HVDC (LCC≥500kV and VSC) projects were planned and deployed worldwide and were expected to be a major driver of the T&D market. The client wanted to reap the maximum reward from these developments, and to understand how to strengthen its position in those fast-moving areas. L.E.K. provided the client with a clear understanding of these complex markets by working on a strategic analysis on HVDC and UHVAC markets, and developed a quantified business plan for the short- and medium-term.
  • The client, a private equity investor, was considering the sale of a worldwide specialist of shell-type transformers (>100MVA) for the Utilities and Railway industries, which also had a presence in the core-type technology for MV applications. L.E.K. provided the vendor due diligence to facilitate the sale process via an independent assessment of the portfolio company’s markets and competitive position. Armed with this independent analysis the client successfully sold its assets.
  • As a result of numerous past acquisitions, the telemetry division of a global energy management OEM (industrial control and human-machine interface) was involved in several market segments. The client asked L.E.K. to help redefine the strategy of the telemetry division by assessing the attractiveness of the various market segments and to provide the detail to support the new strategy.  The client was provided with an extensive analysis on key segments and clear next steps for the development of the telemetry division.

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