What We Look For

John Thomas - What We Look For

Our dynamic, fast-paced work environment puts a premium on teamwork, communication, flexibility and creative thinking. We don’t use a rigid checklist. We look for a combination of attributes that provide a solid foundation for a successful consulting career at L.E.K.

Outstanding academic achievement: Do you race up new learning curves, delight in complex problems and strive for fresh insight?

Analytical ability: Do you quickly identify the heart of a problem, draw insight from rigorous analysis and use data to support unexpected solutions to difficult problems? 

Demonstrated leadership: Do you inspire and motivate others? Leadership can take many forms, whether through school, work, extracurricular experiences or other passions.

Collaborative approach: Do you share facts and insights and interact effectively with different personalities and cultures? The ability to work effectively with a team is key to your success at L.E.K.

Intellectual curiosity: Do you have a passion for learning? At L.E.K., learning happens every day.

If you can answer “yes,” to each of these, then please meet us on campus, contact us or apply now.