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Tommy Duncan
Group Business Development Officer

"After four years at L.E.K., I decided to accept a new role at Touchlight Genetics – a biotechnology start-up with an innovative DNA synthesis platform that has multiple applications across the life sciences industry. My role at Touchlight involves identification, assessment and negotiation of new licensing opportunities for the company, in addition to driving Group Strategy. My time at L.E.K. provided me with countless and varied opportunities to learn, from due diligence on novel drugs to corporate strategy for small Biotechs and Big Pharma. My experience at L.E.K. gave me no reason to doubt that we are one of the “fastest and best at developing outstanding business talent.” I’m certain that spending four years here has provided me with a great start to a career in biotechnology."

Alex Russell
Co-Founder, Main Street Partners

"During my time at L.E.K., I developed an interest in using business skills to help low-income communities around Boston. I talked with my mentors at the firm, and they encouraged me to take a ~three-month sabbatical to explore my interest and see what I could do. My experience at L.E.K. gave me the skills and the confidence to build an organization from the ground up. Eventually I decided to pursue this endeavor full-time, and built Main Street Partners into an organization mobilizing hundreds of young professionals around Boston to improve mom-and-pop businesses all over the city."