Diversity and Inclusion

L.E.K. is committed to providing a workplace where everyone has the potential to succeed.

We know that the fresh perspectives and creativity of diverse and dynamic teams allow our clients to achieve the greatest impact from our work. We believe that by attracting top talent from many different backgrounds, we will achieve a competitive advantage and the best work environment for our staff.

Our global workforce is diverse, representing a range of professional and personal backgrounds. At L.E.K. you will learn from and work with colleagues representing 46 nationalities and 56 languages.

We are committed to supporting diversity at the firm through a number of initiatives. We actively engage in diversity recruitment through partnerships with a variety of organizations and events. We have strategic partnerships with Reaching out MBA (ROMBA), the Posse Foundation, and JumpStart Undergraduate Diversity Forum, and we partner with many women-in-business clubs and organizations on campus at the undergraduate and graduate level.

In addition, we develop and support our female colleagues as they become leaders at L.E.K. and beyond through the L.E.K. Women's Network, which recognizes the needs and perspectives of females in a professional environment. Through this network, women can connect with each other through both formal and informal activities and through the Women's Network mentoring program.

We also support U.S. veterans through Veterans of Military Service, a growing affinity group within L.E.K. Since veterans' experiences and dedication to teamwork align with the values and skills required to be successful at our firm, members of this group are always willing to speak to other veterans about a career in consulting and provide guidance during the transition from the military to a business environment.




"I transitioned out of the military as a junior officer right at the department head/company commander level. The Consultant role at L.E.K. closely parallels the level of responsibility I would have had if I had stayed in…setting the vision and direction for the broader team with three to four hard-charging college graduates working for me to translate my guidance and direction into material progress. The ‘soft skills’ of management, delegation and leadership are critical to success at L.E.K., and ex-military MBAs have that in spades."


"As a transitioning service member, I sought a broad exposure to the business world, and L.E.K.’s generalist consulting model offered the best fit. I wanted to maintain a leadership role, and L.E.K. offered the chance to lead case teams on a day-to-day basis as a young consultant. I was also attracted to L.E.K.’s variety of industries, which challenged me to use the military’s 'adapt and overcome' framework to find solutions to problems that weren’t always obvious."

Associate Consultant

"The L.E.K. Women’s Network in London has been an excellent forum to build relationships with senior staff across the company, and I have found this internal network to be an invaluable source of professional advice. The network organizes interesting guest speakers, and is an opportunity to inform discussion of how – culturally and operationally – L.E.K. can better support the needs of female employees."



"The L.E.K. Women’s Network has provided me with an opportunity to connect with other women at L.E.K. in both formal and informal settings. On the formal side, we’ve had guest speakers come in and conduct workshops on managing career development, and on the informal side, I’ve been the leader of a discussion group where we share strategies for maintaining work/life balance. The Women’s Network has also given me the chance to deepen relationships with other women at the firm in both a mentor and mentee capacity – all around, an important part of my L.E.K. experience."