Senior Staff Development


L.E.K. has a long history of promoting from within, and invests significant time and resources in professional development programs throughout an employee’s time at the firm. In particular, we have many programs to prepare our senior staff to become Partners. Our senior staff professional development initiatives focus on combining four key learning areas that are essential to becoming a successful Partner in the firm:

  • Delivering exceptional and impactful solutions to client problems
  • Managing and coaching internal teams
  • Building strong relationships with business contacts
  • Building the firm through local and firm leadership (e.g. social, community, recruiting, thought leadership and publishing)

Our senior staff development program provides senior consulting staff with various opportunities to enrich their experiences and build the relevant skill sets to reach the point of Partner promotion. The program comprises four components:

Career Development Coach (CDC): Each senior consulting staff member has a CDC who is a Partner and meets with him/her at least once a month. The objective of these meetings is to share experiences, provide tailored advice and offer neutral feedback outside of casework.

Global Horizons: The objective of this program is to encourage case-related overseas travel, rotations of people among L.E.K. offices, (especially after promotion to manager), and to allow permanent transfer between regions.

Business Insights: Secondments and corporate time out are encouraged and facilitated to help Consultants and Managers enrich their work experience.

Advanced Learning Program: In addition to training that is focused on consulting skills and sector expertise, we are open to providing financial support for individuals who want to strengthen their knowledge in a specific area that is relevant for L.E.K. such as finance, marketing, management accounting or relationship development.


"I transferred to Tokyo as a Manager, after having started my career in London. As the office was smaller, I had to take on more office management responsibilities. I also had to manage workload across the kinds of peaks and troughs that are typically smoothed out in larger systems. The resulting challenges forced me to explore alternatives and, ultimately, more effective approaches to case delivery. In Japan, I advised several foreign-based clients who were struggling to establish and manage operations there. These experiences allowed me to develop a proper understanding of how and why these kinds of problems materialize – and to appreciate how they might be overcome."


"I have worked in three L.E.K. locations – the U.K., China and Australia. This unique experience has helped me to leverage the strengths of some of L.E.K.’s most entrepreneurial practices around the world. It has also provided me with first-hand insight into cultures, sectors and advisory techniques that support a differentiated proposition and perspective for L.E.K.’s clients wherever they are based. My work across multiple locations has also reinforced my network of senior relationships within L.E.K.’s global business – the important foundation of the trusted working relationships that L.E.K. needs internally to serve the cross-border needs of our multinational clients."


"After four years of consulting experience at L.E.K. post business school, I thought I could benefit from direct industry experience. In February 2010, I left L.E.K. to join Barclays, working at the COO office of the investment bank, where I was involved in a number of growth and optimization initiatives. I re-joined L.E.K. in 2013 as a Principal, focusing on financial services, as my long-term interests involved working as an advisor. This industry experience gave me a strong understanding of how large organizations operate, how to get things done and how organizations perceive external advisors. The strong functional experience I developed also gives me extra credibility as a senior advisor."