Edge Strategy: A New Mindset for Profitable Growth

In this insightful yet practical book, L.E.K. Consulting's Alan Lewis and Dan McKone articulate a mindset that helps leaders recognize and capitalize on the substantial opportunities for growth that are often hidden in plain sight, at the edge of the core business. With engaging examples across many industries, Lewis and McKone coach readers on how to identify and assess each of the different "edges" and then provide concrete insights and advice on applying Edge Strategy® and the tactics used in specific business contexts.

Where Value Hides: A New Way to Uncover Profitable Growth For Your Business

Forget what you’ve learned about traditional market segmentation, especially the part where it says that greater market share equals higher profitability. In his book Where Value Hides: A New Way to Uncover Profitable Growth for Your Business, L.E.K. Consulting's Stuart Jackson takes the position that bigger isn’t necessarily better. In many instances, he contends, it can actually be worse. Jackson notes that, as most companies use it, market share can be a misleading and dangerous measure. He writes that the trick lies in being able to identify the right market segments in which to focus efforts and improve one’s Strategic Market Position, or SMP. Now available in Chinese!  中文版面世!

Accountability: Angst, Awareness, Action

This book was written to increase the public understanding of 'accountability'. Jay Desai, founder & chief executive of Universal Consulting, constructs a three-dimensional lens with which he examines the mechanisms that hold our governance institutions accountable. Desai explains why a burst of governance reforms are sorely needed and describes how the journey of accountability will play out over the next few decades. Those who read this book will transit from a state of angst about accountability, to one of awareness and finally into action. India will then truly make its 'tryst with destiny'.

Expectations Investing: Reading Stock Prices for Better Returns

In a sharp break from standard practice, Expectations Investing is a valuation process that uses the market's own pricing model, Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), with an important twist: Rather than forecast cash flows, expectations investing starts by interpreting the expectations implied by a company's stock price. Authors Alfred Rappaport and Michael Mauboussin align investing strategy with corporate strategy and share the valuation tools that have been used by successful shareholder value-oriented companies over the years. They demonstrate how the market really values stocks, how expectations revisions affect stock price, and how investors use this analysis to foresee shifts in a company's competitive dynamics.