Case Studies

Digital Health Company Articulates Strategic Vision and Develops 5-Year Commercial and Product Strategy

An emerging leader in the digital health space had developed a novel digital-medicine and digital-health feedback platform but was unsure how to deploy and monetize the solution for long-term value creation and maximize value capture.

Hardware-Focused Technology Company Grows into the Global Acute-Care HCIT Market

A traditionally hardware-focused technology company sought to develop a go-to-market strategy targeting the market for acute-care intelligence and efficiency solutions in the U.S., the U.K. and China. The primary objectives of the engagement were to assess the current and potential HCIT use-case opportunities in key acute-care markets and to define optimal use cases with the strongest current utilization and greatest commercial potential opportunity for the organization.

Animal Feed Producer Seeks Growth Strategy (Video)
A leading animal feed producer engaged L.E.K. for help in developing a growth strategy and supporting initiatives. The client was looking to grow sales through its large, diverse independent dealer channel, and they needed guidance on how to meet the needs of different dealer segments effectively. Following our research with the dealers, we recommended a broad set of strategies that the client has adopted and are now on a prescriptive path to increased sales.
North American Retailer Finds Savings Through Labor Optimization

A leading wellness provider was attempting to validate management’s perception that its retail staffing levels were not optimized to service its customer volume. This misalignment was believed to result in increased labor costs during periods of overstaffing and decreased customer satisfaction during periods of understaffing.

Commercial due diligence and PMI planning in support of acquisition of industrial company by a Japanese manufacturer

Our Client, a Japanese manufacturer, was considering making an investment in a foreign-based industrial company.  L.E.K. conducted commercial due diligence on the Target, to help our Client make an informed business decision, and developed a post-merger integration plan helping to ensure a smooth integration between the two companies after closing.

Due diligence and valuation of foreign biopharma company

Our Client, a large pharmaceutical company, was considering making an equity investment in a biotech company and needed to develop an objective view on the Target company’s complete pipeline within the tight deadlines of a transaction.  L.E.K. successfully assessed and valued the Target’s business and led the subsequent transaction process, providing ongoing support and advice through to execution of the transaction.

OTC switch opportunity assessment in Japan for a former blockbuster drug to support a licensing deal

Our Client, a global pharmaceutical company, was considering out-licensing Japan OTC rights for a former blockbuster over-the-counter (OTC) drug, but was struggling to build the business case and value the opportunity.  L.E.K. provided a thorough understanding of the OTC market, key market dynamics effecting the opportunity in question, and developed a forecast for OTC rights for our Client’s drug to incorporate into decision-making on a potential deal.

Characterization, segmentation and prioritization of Japanese consumers on behalf of an apparel company (Marketing & Sales)

Our Client, a multinational apparel and footwear company, was looking to better understand target consumers as part of an internal initiative to boost the perceptions of its brand, optimize its product portfolio, and ultimately drive greater sales from this consumer segment.  L.E.K.’s detailed market analysis, customer segmentation, and segment prioritization and characterization helped our Client better understand and address female consumers, and consequently grow market share and revenues.

Sales Force Alignment for successful launch of MedTech device

A leading MedTech company was planning the launch of a highly anticipated, novel self-monitoring device; however, it needed an analytically sophisticated approach to sales planning to ensure appropriate, targeted account coverage and ensure as good as possible a launch. L.E.K. developed a sales operations and sales force allocation model tailored to the Client’s business to support its successful product launch.

R&D organization optimization for a manufacturing company to address its globalization challenges

Our Client, a major manufacturing company wanted to expand their current R&D team to a global scale to achieve their long-term vision of being a truly global company capable of discovering and developing new products across multiple geographies.   L.E.K.  designed a new R&D organization for our Client, allowing to benefit from the diverse capabilities of its global R&D team while being able to quickly and efficiently make decisions.