Case Studies

European Government Partners with Private Sector to Develop New High-Speed Rail Line

The government of a European country was planning to construct a high-speed rail line that would form part of the trans-European high-speed network. This major investment had the potential to provide significant social and economic advantages for the country and its neighbors, and it was therefore important to ensure that the line quickly became both a commercial success and achieved the Government's policy objective of stimulating rail transport.

U.K.'s Network Rail Initiates Benchmarking Study to Reduce Cost and Improve Service

Network Rail is responsible for Great Britain’s rail infrastructure and is subject to strict cost, access, and price controls by the Office of Rail Regulation (“ORR”). In order to operate successfully under such restrictions, it is critical that the business maintains a clear understanding of cost levels relative to industry comparators, and that it manages costs across its extensive operations, identifying and implementing best practices, and addressing areas of underperformance.

McNulty Value for Money Study Presents Recommendations to Transform Great Britain’s Railway Network

The UK Department for Transport (DfT) was commissioned by Sir Roy McNulty to examine the overall cost and structure of all railway network elements in Great Britain (GB) and identify options for improving value for money to rail passengers and the taxpayer, while continuing to expand rail capacity and improve passenger satisfaction.