Case Studies

Characterization, segmentation and prioritization of Japanese consumers on behalf of an apparel company (Marketing & Sales)

Our Client, a multinational apparel and footwear company, was looking to better understand target consumers as part of an internal initiative to boost the perceptions of its brand, optimize its product portfolio, and ultimately drive greater sales from this consumer segment.  L.E.K.’s detailed market analysis, customer segmentation, and segment prioritization and characterization helped our Client better understand and address female consumers, and consequently grow market share and revenues.

R&D organization optimization for a manufacturing company to address its globalization challenges

Our Client, a major manufacturing company wanted to expand their current R&D team to a global scale to achieve their long-term vision of being a truly global company capable of discovering and developing new products across multiple geographies.   L.E.K.  designed a new R&D organization for our Client, allowing to benefit from the diverse capabilities of its global R&D team while being able to quickly and efficiently make decisions.

Leading International Passenger Ship Operator Increases Sales Through Improved On-Board Strategy

A leading cruise-style ferry liner had experienced excellent revenue growth during the previous four years, however analysis found that the majority of growth came from increased passenger numbers - while spend per passenger on board remained flat. Concerned it was missing an opportunity to maximize revenue on board, L.E.K. was engaged to develop a new sales strategy with the aim of delivering improved performance in its on-board retail outlets, restaurant and bars over the next five years.

U.S. Multinational Snack Company Expands into Europe through Complex Carve-Out Acquisition

Breaking into a new market can present as many challenges as it does opportunities – particularly when that new market is in a new continent and your entry strategy means carving-out an existing business from a multi-national parent company. This was the situation faced by L.E.K’s client, a U.S.-based multinational snack company wanting to expand into the growing European market.

Casual Dining Chain Grows by Implementing a New Restaurant Concept

A leading French restaurant chain, which had already achieved substantial success with a network of more than 300 restaurants situated in virtually every large French city suburb, was eager to enter its next phase of growth. Recognising the need to diversify its approach, the client engaged L.E.K. Consulting to develop a new restaurant concept to target smaller French cities.

Food & Beverage Giant Finds Growth Recipe for Emerging Chinese Markets

With snack food & beverage companies facing flat sales in mature markets such as the U.S. and Europe, the race is on to gain a strong foothold in emerging countries that have growing appetites – and pocketbooks – for these products. One of the most enticing prospects is China, a market known perhaps as much for its complexity and diversity as for its potential.

Distribution Channel Insights Help Steer Market Entry Strategies for ASEAN Food and Beverage Manufacturer

A leading ASEAN-based food and beverage manufacturer had been contemplating entry strategies into two key emerging markets in Southeast Asia, as the company’s pre-existing export-based model no longer seemed appropriate amidst the rapid market growth which had already taken root in these countries. The client engaged L.E.K. Consulting to conduct the market research and insights needed for management to formulate entry options; evaluate trade-offs; and develop an entry strategy for Board of Directors approval.

L.E.K. Helps Revitalize Mature Footwear and Apparel Brand

L.E.K. Consulting’s client, a global footwear and apparel company, needed to better understand its consumer: the different segments that comprised the addressable market, their purchase behavior, why they bought particular brands, and their share of wallet.

Food Products Company Develops Recipe to Reach New Consumers Globally

A global Fortune 500 consumer foods products company with a strong core business saw opportunities to expand its presence in several meals & snacks categories. The food products company was broadly under-penetrated in this area and saw that this sector demonstrated attractive growth, and appeared to align with key consumer trends.

Food Products Company Expands Offerings as Centerpiece of New Strategy

A regional frozen food products manufacturer was seeing its sales drop dramatically as competition intensified – taking share at retail outlets and also pressuring the price premium that the company once commanded. Further, the company’s product line was narrow, which concentrated its risk and limited its growth opportunities. Amid these volatile market conditions, the company’s board appointed a new management team in an attempt to reverse the company’s stock price, which had plummeted more than 50% during the past year.