Case Studies

Strategy to Defend Against Growing Emerging Market Competitiveness

A North American producer of flavor and fragrance ingredients was experiencing strategic threats to its core business from production in emerging markets. They asked for L.E.K. Consulting’s assistance in understanding the evolving landscape and the client’s likely future position.

Pricing Strategy for a Leading Manufacturer of a Commodity Chemical

A global leader in the manufacturing of a commodity chemical asked L.E.K. Consulting was to develop a pricing strategy, tool and implementation plan to improve its profitability and maximize the value of its business in North America.

Supply Chain Cost Reduction

A leading North American concrete and aggregate supplier sought assistance in optimizing U.S. logistics, given recent changes to demand levels.  The focus was on reducing the procurement, logistics, and overhead costs for their cement business.

Strategic Business Plan for Achieving Profitable Growth

L.E.K. Consulting was engaged to develop a robust strategic growth plan for the client by developing business unit plans and associated financial projections, and creating an overall portfolio and growth strategy encompassing all business units.

Supported a Pharmaceutical Client to Develop and Manage a Complex Integration Following a Transformational Merger

L.E.K. Consulting was brought on to support our pharmaceutical client with the separation, integration planning and integration execution of a similarly-sized drug technologies company from a global pharmaceutical company. The deal was transformative, moving our U.S.-centric and research-focused client into a global organization with expanded capabilities, products, services and operational scale. Maintaining business stability upon transaction close and ensuring a seamless transition during the early post-close period was critical and complicated by the need to separate the target from its parent company before integration activities could be completed.

Distribution Channel Insights Help Steer Market Entry Strategies for ASEAN Food and Beverage Manufacturer

A leading ASEAN-based food and beverage manufacturer had been contemplating entry strategies into two key emerging markets in Southeast Asia, as the company’s pre-existing export-based model no longer seemed appropriate amidst the rapid market growth which had already taken root in these countries. The client engaged L.E.K. Consulting to conduct the market research and insights needed for management to formulate entry options; evaluate trade-offs; and develop an entry strategy for Board of Directors approval.

Successfully Identifying Acquisition Opportunities in Publicly Funded Healthcare Markets

Growing demand for healthcare services is placing an increasing burden on public health systems at a time of fiscal austerity, forcing governments to look at new models to deliver improved healthcare outcomes at lower cost.

Global CCS Institute Takes Leading Role in Supporting Greenhouse Gas Reductions Internationally

Greenhouse gas emissions have the potential to drastically affect lives globally and significantly impact our environment. Reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions is a complex problem that is currently expensive and requires unprecedented international coordination among diverse governments and industry. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) is one of the most promising solutions to mitigate fossil fuel emissions; the technology collects CO2 at large greenhouse gas sources, such as fossil fuel power plants, before it enters the atmosphere.

Global Broker Charts New Strategy for Growth in Over-The-Counter Capital Markets

In the wake of the 2007 worldwide financial crisis, a leading global inter-dealer broker with operations across the world’s principal financial centers found that its plans, assumptions and perspectives on the growth potential of major product groups had to be fundamentally re-assessed.

Improving Overall Performance of Britain's Defence Acquisition System

In December 2008, then U.K. Secretary of State for Defence (Rt. Hon. John Hutton MP) announced to the House of Commons that he had appointed Bernard Gray to lead a wide ranging and independent review of defence acquisition with the intention of making “recommendations to secure better value for money in the identification, commissioning, procurement and whole-life delivery of major acquisition programs.