Executive Insights

Volume XIX, Issue 67 | November 2, 2017 | By: Peter Ward, Diogo Silva Write-off rates on lending to UK individuals Market value of prime vs. non-prime car finance in 2015 Relative attractiveness of banking products in terms of opportunity size, risk, capital requirements and political / regulation risk

Challenger banks and specialist lenders are cautious as big banks return to lending areas they had previously left at the onset of the financial crisis. However, as L.E.K. explains in this Executive Insights, there are still many sustainable opportunities available for them, provided they take some crucial steps to ensure their ongoing success.

Volume XIX, Issue 57 | September 11, 2017 | By: Peter Ward, Diogo Silva Willingness of UK people to allow access to their banking data Key steps to developing a winning strategy

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. explores the substantial opportunities in open banking for banks of all types and size. There could be transformational wins for astute challenger banks, while for incumbent large banks there is huge potential for renewed relevance and customer-centricity.

Volume XIX, Issue 47 | July 14, 2017 | By: Peter Ward

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. London Partner Peter Ward discusses why, nearly one year after Brexit , UK based international financial services firms are planning for the worst but still hoping for the best. Brexit has wounded the City of London, but negotiations have a long way to run and the smart money will keep its options as open as possible.

Volume XIX, Issue 42 | July 6, 2017 | By: Andrew Allum, Diogo Silva Probability for automation for top categories of employment in financial services Effect of automation on financial services employment market

So far, the UK jobs market is responding remarkably well to automation. In this Executive Insights, Andrew Allum and Diogo Silva outline the dynamics of the Financial Services sector, one of the key employers in the UK economy.

Volume XIX, Issue 33 | May 23, 2017 | By: Peter Ward, Diogo Silva Wealth and income profiles of the retired population Five building society strategies

In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. Partners Peter Ward and Diogo Silva set out the key challenges facing UK building societies, highlight five possible business models in the sector and provide a road map for strategic review as a foundation for future success.

Volume XIX, Issue 29 | May 10, 2017 | By: Diogo Silva Impact of new regulations on demand for regulatory and compliance services

The swath of regulation in the financial services industry, in particular following the global crisis of 2008-2009, has created significant business opportunities. Four business service categories in particular offer investment opportunities, especially for midmarket-focused investors. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. London Partner Diogo Silva analyzes the dynamics of each of these categories to assist investors as they review the respective markets.

Volume XIX, Issue 21 | March 23, 2017 | By: Peter Ward, Ashish Khanna New insurance market hubs developing in emerging economies Lloyd’s broker landscape

In this Executive Insights London partners Peter Ward and Ashish Khanna look at the evolution of the Lloyd’s markets and the position of Lloyd’s today, and explain why the current environment presents an exciting time for ambitious mid-tier players.

Volume XIX, Issue 20 | March 22, 2017 | By: Eilert Hinrichs, Ashish Khanna U.K. household wealth Wealth and income profiles of the retired population Addressing behavioral barriers to engagement Four key steps to developing a winning value proposition

The U.K.’s ageing population offers huge potential for the wealth management market. However, in order to capitalise on the opportunity, providers need to adjust their service offerings, engagement models and products to better suit the market and increase the take-up of advice. In this Executive Insights, L.E.K. set out four key actions to address the wealth management advice gap.

Volume XVIII, Issue 47 | December 8, 2016 | By: Eilert Hinrichs, Peter Ward European debt management transactions (2005-Q3 2016) Strategic approaches to European debt management Potential rationales for doing deals in European debt management International acquisitions in European debt management

The European unsecured debt management (DM) market has seen considerable M&A activity over the past decade. The international majors now find themselves competing with one another in a continental consolidation game. In this Executive Insights, London partners Eilert Hinrichs and Peter Ward examine the range of possible approaches to M&A strategy which can lead to sustainable success in the endgame of European DM.

Volume XVIII, Issue 42 | October 28, 2016 | By: Ashish Khanna

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Business models that were cornerstones of our economy over the past century — the taxi industry (vs. Uber), the TV industry (vs. OTT services like Netflix) — are already suddenly starting to look questionable within a very short period of time. In this Executive Insights, London partner Ashish Khanna discusses how companies should think about evaluating projects and products, and how equity investors can value companies in this new world of disruptive technologies.